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It's All About Making It A REWARDING Experience
I enjoy  instructing how to "Ground Drive " a horse for saddle or beginning carriage driving. Proper "Ground
is an excellent way to retrain the horse with "sticky feet".   Reining is the most important aspect of
carriage driving.  Unlike riding the horse, there is no seat nor leg to block and steer the horse.  It must be taught
from the ground using the principles of basic Dressage.  Driver and horse communication must be excellent before
a carriage is ever added.  
I instruct both the human and the horse in how to drive together.  While one is training the other is learning!  My
skills as an educator transcend well to both my human and equine students.  I train my horses very much like I
taught my classroom.... with respect, patience, and lots of encouragement.   Horses like humans are emotional
learners and only consider information that is "at the moment" in their best interest.  

I believe in using positive reinforcement,
"Clicker Training", when training horses more so than relying on
traditional negative reinforcement,  Pressure/Release Methods. "Clicker Training" allows the horse to "think
through the choices".   When it is the horse's choice the behavior is learned.  There is so much pleasure in watching
a fearful horse realize,  " Oh!, that's all you are asking! " I am available to equine enthusiast needing help with a
human/horse relationship. I can get you started with a "Clicker Communication" system, "Ground Driving" or
Beginning Carriage Driving.

References are available upon request!                                                          
(404) 313-1354   
Cumming, Georgia

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